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      Quick Weight Loss 50ct.


      AlphaCore.. WOW! That's all we can say about this product. Alphacore is probably the most effective weight loss product on this page.if Weight Loss is your goal then look no further. Each 5 Week Cycle of Alpha will easily pull off 15-20lbs of fat. AlphaCore is a cousin to what could be considered the most effective compound ever brought to the weight loss market, Tiratricol. Bottom line, this stuff melts the fat off your body fast! Although not a stimulant, AlphaCore can be combined with any of our products for better results. If you've hit a plateau or need to lose a quick 20lbs then AlphaCore is the answer.

      1 caplet contains : 3, 3 diiodo-l-thyronine, 3,5 diiodo-l-thyronine, Alpha Yohimbe HCL.

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      XP2G Thermo Activator for Quick Weight Loss 60ct.


      This is "THE EPHEDRA PRODUCT" Remember Original Lipodrene, Original Xenadrine and Original Metabolife?  If so then get ready it's back and
      stronger than ever! Using a precise blend of Mormon tea and other "Actives"this will melt fat off, increase body heat and get you moving like the old days!

      XP2G has Proprietary Ingredients Designed to Rev up your metabolism and give you the ephedra you need for fat loss.For best results take 1 caplet 2x per day and combine with either Fahreheit 357 or XP2G PM Formula!

      2 Caplets Contain: 25mg. of Active Ephedra,200mg. Caffeine Anahydrous,White Willow Bark,Green Tea Extract,Chromium Picolinate Blend

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      Pure Burn (Level 5 Potency) Hits You Hard 30ct.


      Pure Burn is an Extreme Energy formula.  Once you’ve tried this ephedra alkaloid product you will know what all the hype is about.  2 Capsules provides extreme energy, extreme motivation and the added benefit of increased body-heat which results in perspiration and overall fat loss!  This product is very similar to the original Ripped Fuel and the original Xenadrine formula.  Start with 1 capsule to assess tolerance.

      You will literally feel the charge and the fat burning effect of a true ECA product.  This ephedra alkaloid product is a top seller in the U.S. Canada and Germany.

      Pure Burn Thermogenic Blend 760mg-Mahuang, Guarana, Sida Cordifolia, White Willow Bark, Chromium Picolinate, Green Tea Extract.

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      Red Rocket (This is a Level 5 Product, Very Strong!) 100ct


      Red Rocket is the same formulation as the old Stacker, and Stacker 2. If you want a Weight Loss and Energy product that increases fat loss and energy levels without jittery side effects then this is the product for you.  This product can be combined with Fahrenheit or XP2G PM for increased results.  We recommend starting with 1-2 capsules 2 x per day for best results!  Extremely potent..Consume adequate water and do not take after 5pm or you may find it difficult sleeping

      1 Capsule Contains:
      25mg. ephedra group alkaloids,200mg. Caffeine,
      Green Tea and White Willow Blend



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      Thermacore Thermic Response System 60ct. (LEVEL 10!!)


      Thermacore is one of our TOP SELLERS!  Why?  Because it works and keeps on working! Thermacore literally FLYS out of the warehouse!  Probably our strongest energy and fat loss supplement.  It “KICKS” very hard and will keep you going for about 8 hours with little drop in energy and no crash!  Most people Start with 1 capsule in the morning and 1 capsule in the afternoon.  However, max dose is 2 caps in the morning and 2 caps in the afternoon.  This product can be combined with Fahrenheit 357 and XP2G PM to enhance the fat loss process.

      2 Capsules Contain:
      27 mg. of Ephedra Alkaloids from Ma Huang,100mg. of Caffeine Anahydrous,75mg. of Citrus Aurantium
      75mg. of Green Tea,2mg. of Yohimbe

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      Fahrenheit 357 Extreme Weight Loss Formula 30ct.


      Fahrenheit 357 is not a typical fat burner in the "stimulant" sense of the word but instead it's designed to radically destroy your cravings for carbohydrates, and sugars!  This appetite suppressant works with appetite control centers in the brain and helps reduce calorie intake.  This product works nicely and without the extreme
      stimulation sometimes associated with other ephedra products.  Fahrenheit has been designed to be used in conjunction with any of the other fat loss stimulants on this page!

      We have seen the best results with 2 capsules per day taken in conjunction with XP2G, Thermacore or
      another stimulant based product!

      1 Capsule contains a unique blend of:
      Cassia Seed, Methyl Synepherine, Oriental Water Plantain, Lotus Leaf, Guarana, Hoodia, Rhodiola,Tyrosine, Green Tea and Alpha Yohimbe.

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      XP2G PM Formulation

      for Nighttime Weight Loss


      XP2G PM Formulation is highly recommended as a “stack product” with any of the above products or product combinations.  XP2G PM basically keeps the fat loss going while you sleep.  The above products are day time fat loss products which increase energy and boost calorie burning so it’s only natural to want to keep the metabolism revving while sleeping.  XP2G PM formula combines a nice blend of natural amino acids to help promote optimal hormone levels while sleeping.  This in-turn boosts fat loss and adds a nice adjunct to your fat loss stack.!

      We recommend 2 capsules 30 minutes before bed for maximum weight loss benefits.

      2 Capsules Contain:
      1,500mg. PM Weight Loss Blend Arginine (L-arginine hcl)  * Ornithine (L-ornithine hcl)  Lysine (L-lysine hcl)  Glutamine (L-glutamine hcl)  Colostrum (bovine) Ornithine Alphaketoglutarate  Glycine (L-glycine hcl)  100 mg

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      MOJO 100% Guaranteed Male Enhancement

      1 ct. $8.99
      6 ct. 35.99

      Guaranteed to work every single time.  Just take 1 caplet on a completely empty stomach 30 minutes before your "BIG" event!  Mojo is unlike anything we have ever tried it works almost instantly to deliver increased size, hardness and overall erection support.  We are so confident in it's ability to get the job done that we will guarantee every single bottle sold!  Just because you take a male enhancement product doesn't mean you need one, it means you want to deliver your absolute best every single time.  MOJO is a "BIG" winner, you wont be let down!

      Mojo Proprietary Blend 100mg. - Yohimbe HCL, Horny Goat Weed, Green Tea Extract, Vitamin E, Epudenum Sagitum, Bloperine, Copper Chelate


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      Pure Burn + Fahrenheit 357

      Fat Loss Stack


      This is a very nice 1 month stack that will melt at least 9-10lbs of unwanted body fat off your body.  Simply take 1 capsule of each for 30 days straight.  The combination of a strong ephedrine based energy and fat loss support product plus an appetite suppressant will radically change your body in just a few short weeks.  See individual product descriptions for more on each product


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      XP2G + XP2G PM (Dynamic Weight Loss Stack)


      XP2G burns fat during the day and XP2G burns fat while you sleep.  It doesn’t get much better than that!  XP2G boost and accelerates metabolic rate and keeps you on fire burning calories while you work, walk, workout and do your daily activities.  But, sometimes that’s not enough.  By adding a nighttime fat loss formula you can keep the fat burning going all night long and then start over when you wake up.  This is an incredible little combination and we recommend taking 2 caps of each product every day for 30 days! For individual product descriptions see the actual products.


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      XP2G + Fahrenheit 357

      (1 Month Cycle) The Ultimate Fat Flush Stack


      This is the ultimate!  The best fat loss stack for reduction of stubborn fat, immediate weight loss results and quick results!  Combining XP2G with Fahrenheit will increase weight loss by approximately 50-60%! We recommend this stack when you need weight loss results fast!  The simple combination of an ephedra based fat burner drives the fat loss and the unique blend of Fahrenheit adds the appetite suppression necessary to stay on your diet and keep away from carbs and sugars.  This combination does the trick every single time..

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      Weight Loss Made Simple, Our Most Powerful Stack!

      Sale Price - 115.00 Regular Price - 129.97


      This is quite simply the most effective stack we sell for 24 hour weight loss! We developed this stack after noticing that several of our customers continued to purchase these three products as a combo stack. We realized that the effectiveness of Red Rocket helped increase energy and burn fat throughout the day but that when combined with Fahrenheit 357 it was amplified! The Fahrenheit not only added an increase in metabolic rate but also added a much desired elimination of cravings for sweets and carbohydrates. This combination was an easy compliment to our nighttime fat loss formula, XP2G PM which helps elevate metabolism, increase weight loss and support recovery during the typical 8 hour sleep pattern. When combining the three products together there is no other option for the body except to drop pounds of fat fast! The typical cycle is 8 weeks in length.


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      100% Stimulant Free Fat Shredding System

      Sale Price - 95.99 | Regular Price - 109.97

      This is a 100% Stimulant Free Version of our Weight Loss Made Simple Stack!

      If you’re an individual who is sensitive to caffeine, ephedrine or any other stimulant you'll want to try our stimulant free fat shredding system. By using two of our core products; XP2G P.M. Nightime Fat Loss and Fahrenheit 357 metabolic booster and appetite suppression formula, we utilize two different pathways for fat loss. Compound that with a new addition to our fat loss family, Pure boost which effectively increases the health of thyroid gland and the overall health of the metabolism. Many individuals suffer from sluggish or slow thyroid output, this actually can be detrimental to weight loss and prevents many people from losing weight! Pure Boost combines a blend of herbal ingredients which work to increase the health of the thyroid gland thereby promoting weight loss and metabolic efficiency. Pure boost essentially “Boosts” the metabolism and shifts it into overdrive!

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      Alphacore Red + Rocket Stack



      Alphacore + Thermacore Stack


      Alphacore + Xp2g Stack